How to Stay Young and Healthy

What Changed in 10 years that made such a difference in my life?

We were happy. Just meandering through life without too much consideration for anything outside of day-to-day existence. We were in love, we had two gorgeous sons, we lived in a nice house in a leafy Surrey village; we took lovely family holidays, and we worked hard to pay for them. We ate what we considered to be a fairly healthy diet – I prided myself on the fact that I cooked from scratch and didn’t eat processed food.

I was vegetarian – believing this to be not only an ethical choice but a health choice too. I swam, ran, went to the gym and did exercise classes every week. I wasn’t exactly fat ( just a little overweight), but I certainly wasn’t healthy!

The Wake Up Call

The problem was – I didn’t know we were unhealthy, until one day my husband received a cancer diagnosis. We were not indestructible, in fact we were far from healthy!

It was this “wake-up call” that drove me to begin walking a path I never really knew existed. I knew I couldn’t risk losing my soul mate to this horrible disease, so I spent hours studying different ways to support his body through the ordeal of not only having cancer, but of conventional treatments, which can be more devastating than the disease itself. In hindsight, we would never have put his body though the treatment, but we were rushed into it, before we had time to draw breath. So I put together a support programme that would carry him through this time, and help his body to fully recover. For more information about this part of our journey please refer to my book “Love and Wheatgrass

After my husband recovered from cancer we followed a lifelong dream of ours to live in the sunshine and packed our bags to move to the Costa del Sol. We knew we had been fortunate to receive this second chance, so we were not going back to living life as we once did.

I continued to study, and Yoga became a huge part of my life, closely followed by Ayurveda. It was this part of my journey that really made me see how being healthy was not hard work; it wasn’t a fad, a diet or an exercise regime. Being healthy was our birthright, and discovering this carefully kept secret was the key to a long, healthy and happy life! It was during my study of Ayurveda that I realised that being young and healthy in our physical body could not be separated from the way we think and feel.

The Transformation

I had gone from being a slightly overweight woman in my 40’s, with IBS, minor aches and pains ( that I thought were just part of getting older), dry skin and reduced energy to woman in my 50’s who had returned to the same weight and size as when I got married ( almost 30 years ago!), with a healthy digestive system, no aches and pains and more energy than I’d had in years – without going on a diet or setting foot in a gym! Health, beauty, vitality and youthfulness all come from within. We cannot buy it, because its already ours – we just need to re-discover the path to it!

In my new book “Gais’s Gift“, I will share my deepest insights into what real health means and how to easily change habits that have so far stopped you from being the healthiest version of yourself. You wont need diets, supplements or arduous detox programmes. You will learn to discover what makes you tick, but also what can make you sick. You are unique and once you discover more about how you are made, you will soon learn how you fit into the world and how living in harmony with the natural rhythms of life can bring you peace, joy and great health! It has worked for me, and now its time to share it with you.

Gaia’s Gift, the book, will be released in 2020*, but in the meantime watch this space for some sneak previews!

*Update: The worldwide challenges of 2020 have had an effect on my work, meaning the book will not be ready for publication this year. The good news is that my book has taken some exciting new turns and I will be offering you even more when it does come out!

And…..although you will have to wait a little longer for the book, I will be offering some exclusive online workshops which will be coming out this year, where you will have the chance to discover some of the best secrets from my book and explore them with me.