May I have a Word with you?

As a writer, words have always held a fascination for me. The way you can create an image in the mind of another, by structuring words into sentences, paragraphs and stories. For someone without the sense of sight, whose world is without the visual dimension, words can offer them the bricks to build their own internal image of a scene, an object, or a face.

Sound is a vibration, a movement oscillating through the atmosphere at a particular frequency, that is audible to the ear.  The Word, is the first sound of creation. In yoga this is embodied by the “ohm” sound actually spelled “AUM” each letter representing a different part of the vibration, made in the back of the throat.   .

A word or thought when spoken out loud i.e. producing sound, is now thought plus sound. The sound gives the thought creation. It is the beginning of the creation of that thought. For example, if I could visualise the most effective way to find your soulmate, in my mind, but I never describe it to another in words, that vision stays within me, unexpressed, not yet created. Our ideas need expression in order to become creations, and words are the primary source of expression.

When we begin to understand this concept we can see where the power in the word, lies. Our words can manifest into tangible objects, so thus the meaning of “spells” is really the power of the words that make the spell. The greater the intention behind the words, the greater the power within them. When we wish our loved one a happy birthday, we truly mean those words. It is our intention that this wish comes true and that have a special and enjoyable day.

 Why a spell? If a word is misspelt, it is mispronounced and its intent or meaning is missed. This is so apparent when we are trying to communicate in a language that is not our own. We often misspell or mispronounce a word, so much so, that it means something entirely different from our thought. Even to those who are fluent in a second language, the brain becomes tired of speaking and listening much faster than when communicating in one’s mother tongue.

Language is like music. It tells a story, it paints pictures, and creates our reality. It is a gift that connects us with our fellow humans, and wether spoken or written is an art, that we must hold in high esteem, and realise its true value.

In our current age we are allowing our love of quick and convenient ways of communicating to lead us to misusing words e.g  A text message, “wat u doin l8er”, to deprive us of experiencing the tapestry of language. Misusing words takes meaning away from them diminishing their worth, making the message casual, a passing thought, rather than being a message that the person has given a little thought to, even if that’s only to write whole words. Another example of our reduced way of communicating is the swiping of visual images on online dating platforms, judging only at face value ( as in swiping images away), means you miss out on hearing a voice (just an accent or tone of voice can attract or repel us), or experiencing the words and the thoughts that that person might have to share with you, that may have shown you much more about them, then just how they appear on a small screen.

The words that you hear, or read formulate images in your mind, literally shaping your thoughts. This is how we are so influenced by the media sources we choose. Your opinions, your values and your choices will come from the words that enter through your senses.

This is why its important to be selective about the words that you are exposed to. From the media you watch to the friends that you have in your life, choose those that bring you the truth, with love and that resonate not only in your ears but also in your heart.

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True health comes from True happiness, and nothing brings us greater joy than love. Love is the great healer of all our ills. I write from my heart. Words i long to share....

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