Why Does Disease Love a Good Drama?

What is it exactly that attracts us to drama? When we see public displays of emotional discord why does it draw us in? Are we just plain nosey or is there a more simple explanation that compels us.

We have such a great desire to watch people engaging in love and war and all the various relationship entanglements that arise from entire communities, that we have a whole TV genre dedicated to it.

Drama. Let’s just ponder the word. It comes from the word dramatic. One might use  the word dramatic to describe something as vivid, amazing, powerful, impressive, exciting.

These words can also be used to describe fire. Fire is light, heat and movement. Both light and movement draw the eye towards them. They are both very attractive qualities. Drama attracts our attention because it is the opposite of dull, boring and monotonous.

However just like a mesmerising fire, if we allow ourselves to become too drawn in, too close, it will do us harm. If we allow it to, it can hypnotise us into not even feeling the heat until its too late and we experience physiological harm.

Whereas a physical fire will burn us; the heat from immersing ourselves in too much drama causes the heat to intensify within. Experiencing emotions such as anger, hate, jealousy, prejudice,  aggression, and lust during the viewing of an event either on the street, or on TV, causes an inflammatory response in the body. Repeated or prolonged exposure to these emotional triggers keep the body in an inflamed state, and there you have your hotbed for disease to manifest. Inflamed joints, rashes, headaches, haemorrhoids, malignancies, growths and tumors are just a few indications of inflammation in the body.

A fire that burns too strongly needs the cooling, heaviness of water and earth to bring it back under control. Keeping away from dramatic, inflammatory situations that do not concern you, in real life, and choosing to stop immersing yourself in the false dramas the entertainment industry constantly offer, will help perhaps more than you could imagine.

In real life there are times we cannot avoid drama. Perhaps its within our family, friend circles or work-place. If it doesn’t involve you, or if your involvement would make it worse instead of better ( i.e. if you cannot be the water to the fire), then stay away. If it does involve you, then have the courage to use the strength of your integrity to mediate the situation as best as you can. Look to find a remedy. Try to understand where the emotions are coming from around you, and distance yourself from its source. Understand, observe, use your awareness to help bring calm, clarity and cool but don’t get drawn in.

Remember, it isn’t just what you eat that effects your health. Its everything. Pay attention to what you watch or listen to. Choose informative programmes that broaden your mind, or switch off and listen to some calming music.  Choose your friends and even your acquaintances carefully. Stay away from dramatic people who always seem to have chaos as their constant companion. Spend your time with folk who care about others, about animals and the world around them, about their own health and well-being. People who, like you, want to make the world a better place, a place where peace and harmony are the mainstays of our existence.

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True health comes from True happiness, and nothing brings us greater joy than love. Love is the great healer of all our ills. I write from my heart. Words i long to share....

4 thoughts on “Why Does Disease Love a Good Drama?”

  1. Hello Lorraine,

    This is an insightful and timely email.  Thank you.  I hope your loved ones and you are doing well.

    What I found works best for disease is objective inquiry into all possible helpful modalities.  CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) was perhaps the single most important factor in my recovery, but, it took a sustained investigative effort into multiple things.  The power of conscious choices was an important integrative factor that tied it all together.  Even self hypnosis, to rewrite harmful scripts cleverly and covertly placed into the subconscious by others, was critical to my recovery.

    One thing which I was surprised to discover was the importance of Solution Seeking.  Somehow it appears that the power of active Solution Seeking has largely disappeared from our society.  Really looking for root causes and solutions is helping right now.

    You may want to take a look at this Substack.  It is my attempt to facilitate think tank solution seeking for the most significant problems in today’s world, leveraging off my engineering think tank successes where we obtained solutions to challenging problems the best experts in the world said were impossible.  My belief is that we need to bring back Solution Seeking in multiple forms.  Just finally starting this Substack was a massive help in multiple ways for me.  If you look at it I would be interested in your thoughts if possible.

    An Open Invitation For Readers To Use Their Visualization And Creative Writing Skills To Solve The World’s Problems


    Thanks again.

    Warm wishes for long, meaningful, happy and healthy lives for your loved ones and you, Larry


  2. Profound comments well worth paying attention to. A great example of drama is news – from any source. The manner in which words are used to portray any given situation, event or contradiction is immensely powerful and drives division and so, creates drama.

    Great piece.


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