Ghee – the Magical Elixir

It should be noted that ghee is made from butter, which of course is an
animal fat. Ayurveda is not traditionally a vegan practice, however please use
coconut oil if you are a vegan.
Ghee is a very special food, and that is highly regarded in Ayurveda, with the
ability to promote memory and immunity. It contains the richest source of
butyric acid, which is very beneficial to the gut bacteria, making it a
powerful probiotic and healing to the intestines. It has the ability to
penetrate deep into the tissues of the body, making it a great vehicle to the
transport of herbal remedies making it the No 1 choice as a medicinal carrier.
Ghee comes from the cow’s ability to churn grass into milk, from which
buttermilk, butter, yoghurt and ghee are made. Many conscious people are
against consuming milk-based products because of the terrible corruption
involved in this industry. The animals, which are kept in confined spaces, and
fed hormones and anti-biotics, and have their milk taken away from them when
their calves need it most, are stressed and miserable. Not only will you be
contributing to the mistreatment of these animals but also you will be
ingesting all the harmful substances they have been forced to take, along with
their stress hormones. Ayurveda is about living consciously. We must love and
respect all animals and if we are to live in harmony with the world around us,
we must treat our beloved animals with the honour they deserve.
Any milk product should only ever be sourced from an animal that lives a natural
life in a field, where she can wander freely, eating natural grasses full of
phytonutrients. Any milk taken should only be taken well after delivery of her
calf, so that the calf gets the very best of her mother’s milk. When we are
conscious about where our milk is sourced not only are we respecting the animal
and putting her calf first, but also we are getting milk that is nutritionally
much higher. Whole milk from organic, 100% grass-fed cows has more omega-3,
higher levels of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), and a better ratio of fatty
Ghee is made by gently boiling grass-fed organic butter, which removes the
enzymes that encourage bacteria. It doesn’t require refrigeration as the
properties that cause butter to go rancid, are removed in the process of making
ghee. This process removes the milk solids, which in many people cause lactose
intolerance –making it safe to use for everyone. It needs to be stored in an
air-tight container away from direct heat or sunlight.
It blends well with the nutrients in food, is very stable at high cooking
temperatures, and is a totally nourishing food. It is very good for all doshas
but especially the pitta (fire) and vata (air/space) types.
Ghee is used during panchakarma (Ayurvedic detox), as it attracts fat soluble
toxins from the tissues. Most detox protocols only deal with water soluble
toxins, making panchakarma one of the most powerful detoxification protocols in
the treatment of disease.
Ghee is anti-aging as it prevents the drying out of tissues.

Recipe to make Ghee

Ghee is the separation of the parts that make butter.

It is a type of clarified butter, made when water is evaporated by heating
and the milk solids separate leaving the liquid fat which is called ghee, which
becomes solid at room temperature.
Those with lactose intolerance can both tolerate and enjoy the benefits of
ghee. This is because the sugar-lactose and protein-casein are removed with the
butter’s milk solids

You will need:
• Organic grass-fed butter
• A heavy based stainless steel saucepan
• Spatulas
• Clean, dry storage jar with airtight lid
• Muslin or very fine sieve

Chop butter into cubes and place in the pan

Melt over a low-medium heat

After a few minutes the butter will begin to form a white foam on the surface. This is the milk solids

Allow the foam to gather. When a thick layer has formed begin to skim off the white milk solids.

Once you have removed as much of the white foam as possible, strain the golden butter through a fine cloth or muslin, the residue at the base of the pan.

Allow to cool. Store away from heat or direct sunlight.

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