Insomnia, The Moon and Duvet Days

“Brrrrrrrring….” The sound of my old fashioned alarm clock erupted, tearing a gaping hole in the fragile mists of my morning dreams. My arm moves reflexively to shut off its intrusive noise.

Peace again. “Mmmm” I think to myself snuggling further into my duvet, “just a few more moments….”

Half an hour later I jump up, realising I´ve overslept and am now going to be late to start my day. I have a to-do list as long as my arm, and now I’m already behind.

Flying around in a panic I gather up what I think need for the day, wash and dress without any thought, and race out of the door and to the car throwing my things and myself into it, before driving off at a far greater pace than I know I should be going.

By the time I arrive at my first destination I’m already exhausted; I’m hot and flustered, I can hear my pulse racing and I know I am showing huge clues as to just how my day began, in my dishevelled appearance!  My day is only just beginning, and I’ve got off on the wrong foot!  Why?

I didn’t sleep last night AND today is a New Moon

I ate dinner around 10pm – a bowl of pasta. A couple of glasses of wine and I was asleep on the sofa in front of some movie id started watching and fallen asleep through.

Around midnight I woke up feeling chilly and found my way to bed.

I went straight back to sleep and slept until about 3am, when I woke up perspiring and restless. I tossed and turned with my to-do list jumping in and out of my head as I fought with it. Finally exhausted I fell back to sleep around 6am

When I woke up with my alarm at 8am I didn’t want to get up. Mainly because I hadn’t slept but also because today was the day of the new moon, and the last thing I needed was a full and busy day.

If I could do this again what would I do differently?

The evening before, I would eat my meal much earlier, by 7pm and include some protein to balance my blood sugar and allow time for my food to digest long before bed-time.

I would avoid the wine and instead choose a calming tea or a herbal warm milk before bed.

I would avoid the TV and any screen time after my meal and ensure that no electrical devices were on in my sleeping area.

The evening can be spend having a warm herbal bath, reading with a soft light, listening to music, spending time with close friends and family, or meditating.

Planning my evening like this means my liver will not be overloaded as I’m trying to sleep and be fully able to cope with its job of detoxifying my body without waking me up!

Sleeping in total darkness, not going to sleep with a heavy meal in your belly, and giving yourself permission to switch off mentally are all vital habits to help you sleep.

If at all possible, the day of the New Moon, I would plan a quiet day, aligning with the new moon’s quiet energy. Even if I must work, I can try to schedule jobs that don’t require social contact, catching up on tasks that allow me to work alone.

I would factor in a late start, quiet-time breaks or an early finish. My phone would be off, on silent or on calls only so I could filter out the barrage of social media interference, that generally only causes over-stimulation in our already information-saturated brains

I would not feel guilty for wanting a lay-in, a duvet day or for just feeling plain anti-social but would instead embrace those feelings. We spend our lives rushing around for everyone else, today is the one day each month I need to nourish my own energy.

Ideally, if I have a chance to have the day to myself, I would spend it in pursuits such as meditation, gardening, reading, gentle walks, writing, drawing, listening to music and generally spending my time quietly, calmly and slowly, paying attention to how and what I feel.

Applying a natural face mask, self-massage with a nourishing warm oil, an epsom salts foot soak or a bath with soothing essential oils are all wonderful ways to provide what we need at this time of the month. Eating a warming casserole, a hearty soup with wholewheat bread or a gently spiced rice dish, will give our bodies the nourishment needed to build strength around this time. Practicing these habits and aligning with the lunar energy, and the cycles of natural daylight and nightfall, will restore healthy sleep patterns and leave you to wake up refreshed, on time and not wanting to fatally crush your poor alarm clock.

Happy New Moon

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True health comes from True happiness, and nothing brings us greater joy than love. Love is the great healer of all our ills. I write from my heart. Words i long to share....

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