How Precious!

Wearing a piece of beautiful jewelry, can attract the attention of many-an-admirer! It can captivate and allure the beholder, its beauty a magnetic source of charm. The iridescent sparkle that catches the light, draws in even the most oblivious amongst us. A precious stone, a precious metal creatively crafted into an attractive design, can not only provide a timeless piece of great beauty, but can also be a good way to invest.
With the state of the world economy, and the money markets flailing in the recession, it can be a tough time to know where to put any savings or investments. Precious metals are usually a safe bet, because they are have a tangible value – something that lends this type of investment a greater level of security. It can be stored in safe, or a bank if you feel it’s the safest place, or you can wear it, enjoy it, and know that it is as safe as anything we have about our person, can be, as long as we take good care of it.

But there is yet another incredible gift that wearing a piece of quality jewelry can offer us.
It can positively affect us on a physiological level. Wearing gold or silver can influence our mood, help us fight off infections and regulate the circulation!

Top benefits of wearing silver:

  1. Warding off infection – Silver is a powerful anti-microbial. Its positively charged ions bind to negatively charged oxygen receptors found in bacteria and can neutralize it. It is also anti-viral. It reacts and changes colour when it encounters chemical toxins, acting like the canary in the goldmine!
  2. Improves Circulation
    Silver boosts circulation and helps to regulate the bodies temperature. Silver is both an electric and thermal conductor.
  3. Helps prevent against electro-magnetic radiation
    The positively charged ions can help to reflect EMR away from your body by creating a conductive field. This naturally improves your mood, circulation and your bodies temperature.
  4. From an ayurvedic perspective, silver is cooling and helps pacify both pitta and vata

Top benefits of wearing gold:

  1. Improves rheumatoid arthritis, via its healing effects on the circulatory system.
  2. Improves the bodies healing ability
    Wear gold near an area that is infected or sore. It has a relaxing effect on the blood vessels, boosting circulation and healing, as more oxygen can flow freely into the tissues.
  3. It also helps to regulate the body temperature. Can help with both chills and hot flashes.
  4. Gold can strengthen the heart, helping prevent heart attacks and enhancing stamina.
  5. Gold has been known to help control the growth of cancerous cells, and is used in alternative medicine for treating various cancers such as prostrate and ovarian.
  6. Gold is great for the skin, again due to its circulatory effects. Cell regeneration is greatly improved through its use. It can be used to treat fungal infection, rashes and eczema.

Healing with metals is an ancient ayurvedic therapy . Ayurveda has long suggested storing water in copper vessels overnight to consume during the next day, and many medicines use gold or silver ash (bhasm) as part of their ingredients. Not only the Indians but also the Egyptians used gold, silver and copper for their innumerable health benefits.

It is suggested that gold be worn close to the upper body, to generate warmth, and shouldn’t be worn below the navel. Here it has better control of your circulation, and flow of oxygen. It will only bring healing, never harm, particularly when worn around the upper body.

So what are you waiting for? You no longer need an excuse to wear your beautiful precious metals! Get enjoyment and health benefits from wearing your favorite pieces everyday!


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True health comes from True happiness, and nothing brings us greater joy than love. Love is the great healer of all our ills. I write from my heart. Words i long to share....

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