Heart Rhythm Meditation

When someone you love is suffering from any malaise, especially when it is a long term or challenging disease they are facing, it can be immensely challenging to watch them go through this and not feel totally helpless.

But there is something that you might like to try. It will do no harm to the person you love; it will lift your own spirits and it might just raise theirs too! The little known truth about this is that when someone’s spirits are lifted it puts their bodies in a much better place to heal.

Dr David Hawkins, first published the Map of Human Consciousness in his book Power vs Force in 1995, and is now widely used by university professors, government officials, and health professionals all around the globe.

The Map of Human Consciousness identifies that the more conscious we are the more we contribute to the harmony of the planet. This is both collective and individual.

Each emotion has a frequency e.g. courage  – the middle of the map – is 200.  The theory is that just one person, who exists at 700-1000 (enlightenment), will counterbalance the negativity of 70, million people below 200.

Dr David Hawkins map of human consciousness

This illustrates just how powerful positive human emotion really is and its influence over collective consciousness.
Lower frequency emotions keep us isolated, in a matrix of stress inducing thought patterns.
When we feel this way as our “norm” we are inviting malaise into our being.
It seems to be our human default reaction to thinking of a loved one who is sick or suffering in some way, with anxiety, and frustration because we feel helpless. These are both low emotions and do nothing to help them or ourselves.
Although it can be difficult when we are fearful for their health, try to think of them laughing, smiling, dancing, singing….whatever it is that makes that person shine. Focus on that picture until you can feel their happiness radiating from the image, enough to make you smile too. Surround yourself in happiness for that person.
Positive energy really does have a powerful impact!
According to one study*, research carried out by a German university in 1997 showed it is possible to raise visible light around the chest area of a person who was on the receiving end of a Heart Rhythm Meditation. There was a notable increase of sustained light emission (from 20 photons to 100,000 photons per second). This supports the theory that positive energy sent from one being to another via intention, raises the recipient’s frequency to one that is more conducive to their healing.
When one is not immersed in stress based emotion, their nervous system switches pathways, from sympathetic ( fight and flight, induced by stress) to parasympathetic (rest and digest, induced by calm, non-stressed based emotion). The parasympathetic pathway is the path to healing.

Try this Heart Rhythm Meditation. Its beautiful to do, and maybe you can change your own feelings of helplessness into a wonderful experience, for you and your loved one.
You may like to hold a small item that makes you feel connected to them in your *right palm. It is more beneficial if you can let them know that you are doing it, so that they may be consciously receptive to the intention, but if that isn’t possible for any reason, it is still a very worthwhile exercise.

  1. Posture.
    Sit with the spine straight and the chest open. Focus on stillness in your body.
  2. Conscious breath
    Become aware of your natural breath rhythm. Feel its ebb and flow through your body. As you inhale think – renew, rebuild; as you exhale think – discard, detox.
  3. Rhythmic Breath
    Synchronize your breath to the count of 6-8 on the inbreath, and 6-8 on the exhale. N.B. Choose either 6 or 8 depending which feels more comfortable for you.
  4. Full Breath
    Expand the breath. Bring in spirit on the inhalation. Spirit is inspiration, increased energy, and vitality.
    Hold at the top of the inhale just for a moment, while you notice the feeling of expansion in the ribcage and lungs then slowly allow the breath to leave the body, relaxing as it leaves, while you count to either 6 or 8.
  5. Heart Breath
    Wrap your left hand around your right wrist from underneath so that your index and middle fingers come to rest on the inside of your wrist. Now place your *right hand, palm open (with your item if you are holding one) over your heart area. Locate your pulse by relaxing your hand and your wrist, below your thumb. Also relax your shoulders. The more tense you are the harder it will be to locate the pulse. Count your pulse beats either 6 or 8 (whichever breath cycle you are doing), and inhale as you count. As you begin to exhale count the same again, without a pause.
  6. Swinging Breath
    Imagine the breath is coming directly from your heart, carrying with it loving healing intent. As you inhale picture a pendulum swinging its way towards you to collect your breath, with your intent (this can be a message, or perhaps you can visualize the healing colour green, also the colour for the heart chakra). As the pendulum swings away send your breath, your energy, your intent with it, to the heart of your recipient.
    If the photons around your loved one increase, as suggested in the study, then there is a reasonable expectation that your meditation with intention to your loved one can raise their frequency. Lifting their spirits however you can, can only ever do them good!

*Visible Light radiated from the Heart with Heart Rhythm Meditation Bair, P., 2005 Physics. Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal Archives


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True health comes from True happiness, and nothing brings us greater joy than love. Love is the great healer of all our ills. I write from my heart. Words i long to share....

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