Self Healing. A Gift We Can All Access.

As humans, we use only a part of our brain. Its capacity to function is in fact much greater than we realise.

What things we could possibly achieve if we could use more of this vital organ?

There are many things no doubt, but one that we can do with a little practice is to to help our bodies heal from within.
You do not have to be a swami or a monk to be able to learn self healing. It is an amazing gift that we all have access to.

Of course having a healthy lifestyle is fundamental to being able to bring about any self healing, and the indulgence of eating processed
foods or drinking alcohol mindlessly will only serve to hinder this innate ability, that we all have within us.

So here are the simple steps to learning how to self heal from within:

  1. Eat a natural diet.
    The more home grown, organic, free range, grass fed choices you make in your diet the better.

Whole natural foods are what we thrive on. Whole wheat, whole grain, unrefined, unprocessed, natural food. If you are not vegan then include butter and whole milk from grass fed, ethically raised animals.
But avoid any animal produce from mass produced, unethically raised animals. Get to know your local farm and talk to them about their animals.
Maybe even go and see how they are raised. This means you are supporting the welfare of the animals, and choosing produce from animals that haven’t been pumped full of
pharmaceuticals, and are not producing high levels of stress hormones both of which will contaminate their produce harming both them and you.

Don’t be fooled by products that are labelled “natural”. Its usually a marketing ploy to get you to buy it!
How can we tell if something is natural or not? A good rule of thumb here is – If its an ingredient its a good choice, but if it has ingredients its usually not. e.g. oats are an ingredient,
as opposed to brand named cereals with fortified nutrients, flavours, E numbers, sugars, starches and corn syrup.

  1. Avoid alcohol
    Alcohol has a negative effect on the pineal gland in the brain, hindering its function. It is one of many things that can cause calcification or hardening of this gland. Other things include fluoride, and other mineral deposits found in our food and water supplies. The pineal gland works with the pituitary glad to regulate hormones especially those that govern and control our sleep cycles.
    Ancient sages and mystics believed this tiny organ in the brain to be the space for ascension and enlightenment through the brain/body. It is perceived as a bridge between our inner and outer worlds.
  2. Detox regularly
    For the reasons explained above a regular detox can help to support healthy brain function.There are many different ways to detox but choose one that helps to remove metals from the body.
  3. Learn about the power of the breath.
    Deep breathing is a practiced art – when we are not used to it its hard to breathe deeply. However when we do we bring fresh oxygen and nutrients into the lungs which permeate into the blood nourishing our vital organs not least of which is our brain. When we don’t get enough oxygen into our bodies, we simply do not function. We become tired, sluggish, and foggy headed. We cannot digest our food properly, and our bodies will be unable to effectively heal from injury or illness.
    Self healing requires a good grounding in breath work.
  4. Be disciplined
    The ability to heal oneself takes time. This means you need to set aside time in your busy life to learn, explore and really give yourself to this. Choose a time when you won’t be disturbed. Turn off your devices. Unplug from the world outside. Find a warm, peaceful space with natural soft light and dedicate time to this exercise.
  5. Align your spine
    To be able to breath properly it’s important to have the correct spinal alignment. Ideally learn how to sit with the spine aligned correctly so that your muscles don’t ache. When aligned fully, with the right muscles engaged, you should be able to “ switch off” all the big muscles and relax into the pose, without slumping in your spine.
    If you find this difficult it is better to lie in savasana ( supine with palms facing up), on a mat.
  6. Breathe
    Spend time with your breath, just focusing on its flow through your body. With each out breath, relax more, letting go of tension in your body.

Practice these 7 steps as part of your daily style.

When you have been practicing the above for sometime, and you begin to feel that letting go of your anxieties and is possible during your practice, try this:

If you have pain in your body, begin with the last 3 steps above (5-7).
When you feel your body is relaxed and your mind is empty, allow it to travel to the source of your pain. e.g. a neck ache.
Notice exactly where the ache is e.g. at the base of your neck.
Firstly make sure the neck is aligned and not compressed. The joints must be free and not restricted by poor posture.
Next draw a long slow breath through your nostrils to the area that you feel the ache in. As you breath out ask your mind to allow this place to relax. To let go with the out breath.
Do this with every breath. As many times as you can.

Even if it is an external injury that is causing pain, you can train your mind to relax the tissues around that area. This will allow greater blood flow to those tissues, and induce healing.

This is the path to self healing.

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True health comes from True happiness, and nothing brings us greater joy than love. Love is the great healer of all our ills. I write from my heart. Words i long to share....

2 thoughts on “Self Healing. A Gift We Can All Access.”

  1. Very good, clear explanation as to why these methods work. I was a little unclear about why you started the piece with the potential of the power of the brain but ended mainly with breath work. Maybe I missed something?


    1. The brain, via the central nervous system is directly effected by the breath. The way in which we breath, stimulates either one nervous pathway or its opposite. Mouth breathing, using the upper respiratory tract only, stimulates our fight and flight mode, or our sympathetic pathway. This is also our stress mode, the one we need to be in when we are in immediate danger. Respiration through the nose utilises the whole respiratory system, as we are able to draw the air deep into the lungs. This type of breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.. This is where the body can induce healing from within.


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