Fire Dominance – Do your Flames Burn too Brightly?

Are you highly focused to the point of being single minded? Do you sometimes get called stubborn? Are you passionate about your values and beliefs, and find yourself obsessing over things? Maybe you don’t concede easily in a discussion because you are confident that what you feel is right and you will argue to the very end rather than walk away? Are you passionate in your relationships, fiercely protective over those you love most? Do you sometimes feel possessive over your nearest and dearest? Are you competitive in your work or in your sporting interests? Do you push yourself hard and often fail to recognize your limits? Do you feel angry when you are most stressed, quick to lash out with a sharp tongue?

These are the characteristics of someone who is fire dominant.

Picture a roaring fire. Its inviting, alluring, warming and fascinating. It draws you in, because it is captivating and gives you energy. Its truly brilliant in its blazing glory.

The fire dominant person, when in balance is charming, charismatic and often intriguing. They are usually attractive, warm and show natural leadership tendencies. They often exhibit an enthusiasm for life that sparkles from within them. People want to follow the balanced fire type, and are often happy to put their trust in them. They are organized and structured, and keep a tidy home and workspace.

But when the flames get too big, fire burns too hot, too bright, and begins to consume everything in its path as it rages out of control. The fire person can burn themselves out, or suffer from inflammatory issues in their body.

The fire element has its greatest effect on the digestive system. Fire dominant people generally have a good metabolism, burning off excess energy from their food efficiently. But when fire is not controlled the digestive system becomes too strong and symptoms like heartburn, burping, indigestion, loose stools and haemarroids will result. They can suffer with inflamed or irritated skin rashes, bloodshot eyes and arthritis. Spicy foods, strong coffee, alcohol should be taken in moderation or avoided especially during times when symptoms arise.

Our fiery friends are most vulnerable during the hot summer months. Keeping cool and calm will help to restore balance from within. Take cool showers, go for a leisurely swim or evening stroll. Try to avoid competitive sports and situations, and choose activities that offer a way to restore the balance within you, such as golfing, yoga, drawing and meditation.

Choose cooked foods over raw (raw food requires more digestive action, and therefore can stoke the fire!). Try rice or pasta bean salads made with fresh cooling herbs like coriander, basil, mint and parsley, and some lightly blanched rocket, spinach or watercress.

Fruits are fantastic for cooling those flames, so enjoy peaches, pears, apples, mangoes, in fact all sweet juicy fruits accept the sharper citrus such as lemons.

Never eat while feeling angry or excited,

Avoid watching violent movies or adrenaline-fueled sport on television instead opting for quiet pass-times like reading, listening to soothing music or watching a factual documentary.

When fire dominant people keep their flames under control, especially during their most vulnerable time in the heat of summer, they are vibrant, attractive, motivational people who are warm, bright and full of inspiration.

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True health comes from True happiness, and nothing brings us greater joy than love. Love is the great healer of all our ills. I write from my heart. Words i long to share....

6 thoughts on “Fire Dominance – Do your Flames Burn too Brightly?”

  1. Good piece with some sound, understandable and logical advice.

    I think I recognise a few people like this and it’s always important to help them identify this trait in themselves so they can take early action to stop the fire getting out of control.

    Great read. Thank you.


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