Who Should We Trust?

What happens when those we have trusted all our lives let us down?

When all your life you are led to believe that someone ultimately has your best interest at heart, and you start to feel that they haven’t, it’s a very unnerving feeling. It happens with relationships in our lives – very common between lovers, and friendships, but even in parent/child and sibling relationships too. That person who you thought loved you unconditionally didn’t. The moment you truly needed them to be there – they were not. When tendrils of doubt in your most trusted relation or friend begin to creep into your gut, they are accompanied by feelings of anxiety, disappointment, and resentment.

It isn’t only a relationship with a close person that can let us down so deeply. What if our entire system is in breech of the exact same wrongdoing? The system comprised of a group of people, whom we as a democracy put in place, regardless of our personal view. In the western world we take pride in our democracy; our ability to feel our voices are heard whatever it is we are shouting about.  But what happens when we can see that there is no left and right? The government is uniting in its decisions to impose their will against any logical advice from qualified, verified, experienced professionals from the tops of their respective fields, let alone against the feelings of the people, either those that elected them or those that didn’t.

Why are they unanimously acting against that advice? Why isn’t the left using this to say the right is wrong? If they are not fighting each other for our votes any more, why are we fighting each other? They want us to see division that isn’t there.

So whom do we put our trust in when our government doesn’t seem to be taking care of its people anymore, and we have allowed ourselves to become divided reducing our trust in each other?

The only way forward is for us to stop seeing divisions. We are humans. We all have the same ability and capacity to love, to forgive, and to open our hearts to one another. We may not have faith in those we have or haven’t voted for, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could learn to trust each other again? When we hear another opinion, know that it is true and right for the person who speaks of it with passion, and that it’s their emotion you should respect if you cannot agree with their words. See the passion, the fire in their heart. Mostly whether their words enrage you, or have you nodding in agreement, they are a good person who has been sold a narrative – and this applies to all of us. There are very few of us who are deliberately obnoxious or abrasive, and those who are probably have an emotional anchor to a root cause too.

Once we can learn to understand that the way we feel about the world at large is totally taught to us; handed down by parents, teachers, musicians, actors, politicians, journalists…. We firmly believe our views are our own, but how can they be, when we have constant waking exposure to a narrative from the people we are exposed to? The only part of our own belief system we should trust is what we feel in our heart.

We must learn how to trust again, by trusting the only person who will never let us down – ourselves.

Start listening to your own true voice again.

Switch off the madness in your reality, and then sit quietly and switch it off inside your head. Be still, be quiet and tune into the silence; into your breath. When you really stop and listen you can hear only one true voice, the one who will never ever let you down, who will only ever speak the truth. Your heart will tell you who will be there for you when no-one else is, who to believe and who to walk away from. Trust in yourself, and listen to no-one but your own intuition.  

I wish you good health, clarity and calm and most of all love ❤

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True health comes from True happiness, and nothing brings us greater joy than love. Love is the great healer of all our ills. I write from my heart. Words i long to share....

4 thoughts on “Who Should We Trust?”

  1. A great piece and so relevant in our current times.

    I try to live by one rule when debating a subject with another. ‘Never undermine the other persons self esteem’. They have a point to make, a point born from their information sources and interpretation of their own surroundings. That doesn’t make it wrong but equally doesn’t make it right. The same applies to me and my views. It’s worth remembering that line in Mark Knopfler’s song Solid Rock ‘When you point your finger (coz you plan fell through) you got three long fingers pointing back at you.

    Wouldn’t it be great if our ‘leaders’ spent time talking about, justifying and providing solid evidence of their achievements instead of all their time telling anyone who cares to listen how bad life would be under the opponent? Wouldn’t it be great if the ‘experts’ in the world came together and thrashed out a sensible approach that benefitted all human, animal and plant-kind instead of arguing their polar opposite points and saying the other side has it wrong? And wouldn’t it be great if we had people in power who listened to them and saw a long term benefit to protecting the planet and it’s resources instead of a short term profiteering view?

    Utopia or wishful thinking?


    1. Thank you so much for your valued reply, Glen.

      It would indeed be great if we could find “real ” people to lead us, instead of those who seem so far removed from our everyday struggles that they cannot possible relate to them. I think the issue is that we need less “experts” and more people who were in touch with the same reality that we are now all facing. We can keep dreaming….

      But in the meantime, while we wait and hope that the leaders we have in place, wake up and start reacting to real life, or are replaced with those who can, we must turn inward and learn to trust our own intuitive voice. But we need to quieten the confusion we are being fed, in order to hear our own true voice…something we can all learn to do, regardless of who or what seems to have power over us…only then do we realise that our own true power lies with us.


      1. Totally agree but we have to ensure we receive information from many different and perhaps opposing sources to make informed decisions on trusting our own intuition as well.


      2. That is indeed true. But in our current climate this is a huge challenge in itself, as the sources of information are a minefield, and can create tremendous mental “noise”. I have found if i am very unsure of how i feel about anything ( not only in the political arena), that sitting quietly with the question in my mind and just relaxing my body so that tension and stress are not part of my own environment, then clarity comes. We all need ways to enable this, wether its through playing music or focusing on the breath, but finding that quiet pace, often helps us sift through the fog, that gathers around us with all the “noise” of information.


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