Are we discovering the “Meaning of Life”, through our evolution?

A simple search on Wikipedia tell us that evolution is “a biological process that makes living things change over a long time”.

For me, the word often conjures up the well-known image of the ape evolving into man, and then regressing as we get drawn into a computer dominated world.

Our ancestors were primitive beings with little compassion. Crowds gathered to watch crucifixions, hangings and public stonings with the same adrenaline fuelled passion that we find in today’s football stadium. So we can see just how far we have come from the barbaric beings we once were.

But what is it that makes human beings, especially when they become part of a gang or a crowd revert to the pack mentality that our ancestors so shamelessly displayed?  Are we perhaps so frustrated by the stress and the struggles of our daily lives that we are drawn to our most primal behaviour when we are together with other like-minded folk who equally need this type of outlet? Although we have come so far in the way we think and behave, there is still a trend towards violence as a form of entertainment. From horror movies and computer games to attending bull fighting or encouraging a pack of dogs to chase down and kill a fox (considered a cultured pursuit, by many), we still cannot seem to relinquish our connection to our savage past, however “civilised” we like to think we are.

There are still a horrific number of humans who think nothing of taking another’s most valuable asset – his life. Be it animal or man, unless our survival depends on it, we have no right to extinguish life force, but to gain any form of pleasure from it, is to the good people of this world unimaginable.

Although there are many studies of the criminal or depraved mind, maybe there is an element that is overlooked. Perhaps the minds of those who have no empathy are simply further behind in evolution – the primal, savage instincts are still very dominant in their psyche and their behaviour could be likened to that of an untamed beast. A beast will attack, toy with and kill any prey – he has no more empathy towards a small defenceless infant than he does to a much larger more challenging victim – they are both there for his entertainment; he will kill because he can. We expect this result if we throw a man in the lions den – because the lion is primal.  However we have come to expect that man has evolved enough to refine and hone his own conduct, and that we as humans have become inherently “civilised”.

I would like to believe that this is largely at least becoming true. There are so very many who feel vehemently against any violence as entertainment or sport. These people are often the same ones who find watching any living being suffering, abhorrent in a way that physically hurts. Even to watch a movie when the victim is an actor, is very hard and emotionally disturbing to these folk. Whether fantasy or reality these images often stay in their minds to haunt them for days or weeks afterwards.

However the growing number of people who feel empathy with other sentient beings, is a really positive sign. It shows us that our evolutionary journey is indeed progressing in the right direction. As we move away from the lower vibrational behaviour patterns of a mob mentality, or finding any type of suffering of another living being entertaining, we are collectively becoming a race that is much more heart centred. There is a very strong uprising of human beings who are compassionate, caring and kind. This growing number of people are watching their own ego’s diminish as their hearts become the king of their consciousness. They feel connected to the earth and every living thing, and because they feel that bond, they embrace all life as an extension of themselves. They rejoice in others happiness, and feel inspired by benevolence and goodwill. Material things become less important and the energy gained from releasing this attachment goes into relationships with friends, family and people they connect with.

Our evolution is about so much more than being bipeds, or developing an opposing digit so we can use our smart phones. We are here on this planet to learn. If we live only to serve our ego and exert control or worse to think we have the right to take the life of another, and possibly even gain some form of enjoyment from it, then we have learned nothing from our ancestors or the lessons our own lives have shown us.

We are ready as a collective to take the next step. The next giant step. Some have taken it, and are holding out their hands to support others on their path too. As this tidal wave of consciousness sweeps across the human psyche, we feel that we are coming home because we are finally understanding the real reason for our existence. 

I wish you good health, clarity and calm and most of all love ❤

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True health comes from True happiness, and nothing brings us greater joy than love. Love is the great healer of all our ills. I write from my heart. Words i long to share....

4 thoughts on “Are we discovering the “Meaning of Life”, through our evolution?”

  1. Love this. I hope that this ‘uprising’ is the natural swell of positive emotion and empathy to others and that we can find a way to live on this planet for the good of all that inhabit the planet with us, and the planet itself. We can start by the ‘Pay it forward’ mentality where good deeds are done and repeated for others with no expectation of reward other than that person will do a good thing for another, and so on. Let’s make it happen.


    1. I love the “pay it forward” concept. I try to engage in acts of kindness towards others as often as i can, but never remember to suggest this at the time – i will make a concerted effort to pass this on, and hope the ripple effect gathers momentum. ❤


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