Are You on the Mozzie Menu?

Why do some people get bitten by mosquitoes than others? And why do some people react to the bites so much more strongly?
When we feel fear, anger, jealousy; when we eat spicy food, or drink alcohol it creates heat within us. Add some warm, humid weather to that and a few processed foods (which are also heat producing), and those mosquitoes can feel the draw of our internal fire a mile away! Ever tried taking a cold or cooling shower and noticed that for a while afterwards you don’t get bitten? That’s because you’re cooler! A cool shower is calming, as it cools us down emotionally too.
But that’s not all!….
Mozzies also love a wet environment too, when we perspire or have a lot of water in our bodies we also act like a mozzie magnet…now if you combine those factors – heat and moisture you have the perfect recipe for a mozzie feast!!
In Ayurveda fire dominant people are called Pitta types. People of a pitta constitution are hotter; they generate more heat, are passionate and firey by nature, and they feel the intensity of heat more deeply. The heat affects them more than anyone else – as opposed Vata dominant types who tolerate heat and even thrive in it!
And Kapha types are more moist, retaining more water in their tissues, and although they can be cool by nature, if they have Pitta traits in them too, then they will be moist and warm!!!
So my theory is – if you are Pitta and Kapha pre-dominant (especially if these elements are imbalanced– then you are a target! And those of you who are more air based (dry, cooler types, will be the ones the mozzies are not so attracted to)
What’s more your reaction to the bites may also be governed by your dominant elements. The more fire you have within the more inflamed your reaction will be, whereas those of you who are more watery may tend towards blisters or find that their bites don’t last as long.

Some tips to manage the warm watery elements ( if my theory is right – these may help!)
• Applying aloe based mosquito repellent with essential oils that cool you down such as – lavender or peppermint in a coconut oil base, might help too!
• Try sipping on mint tea, or cucumber and aloe juice to cool down from within.
• Avoid sweet or deep fried foods.
• Exfoliate your skin gently at least once a week; and take care (especially Kapha types) to stimulate the lymph system with yoga inversions, hot and cold showers and plenty of exercise.

For more information on your body type or issues that you have in relation to your dominant elements, please contact me!

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True health comes from True happiness, and nothing brings us greater joy than love. Love is the great healer of all our ills. I write from my heart. Words i long to share....

4 thoughts on “Are You on the Mozzie Menu?”

  1. In western society, finding sense in Ayurveda can be very difficult. But it’s worth knowing Ayurveda, like Chinese medicine, has been used for centuries longer than western drugs haven’t they? Also, given that everything is natural, so this could be worth a go at least? If it works, you e found something new to help. If it doesn’t, you’re no worse off than you are now? For me, this carries a huge amount of weight and is absolutely worth exploring if you suffer from mozzie or insect bites.


    1. With much of the ancient ways of medicine such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, its less about the actual medicine and more about understanding our relationship to nature. When we align ourselves to nature’s rhythm’s and elements, healing comes naturally – but as you say, if we get it wrong, it is less likely to cause harm to us*
      However, the lifestyle elements of ancient practices can always be applied safely and very often work wonders!
      * N.B. if using any herb then a qualified practitioner’s advice must be sought, as incorrect use can cause further imbalance in our health.


  2. Being an mosquito magnet this is interesting and useful information. Thank you. My mother in law also has fresh basil plants around in the mosquito season as they act as a natural repellent too.


    1. thank you Helen, i hope it helps you. Yes basil can be a good natural deterrent, also geraniums work well as a natural repellant for mosquitos, also useful are peppermint, oregano, catnip and lavender. .


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