Come Fly With Me…..

Today during our online yoga class, we focused on the element of air, and finished with a guided meditation centred on the experience of a bird in flight. During the class, we practiced one of my favourite asanas Koundinyasana or the Flying Splits – which always makes me feel as though I’m truly flying!

I often think that if I could come back as another creature, it would be a bird. To have the freedom to stretch your wings as far as you can and then to soar into the sky without limitations or restrictions, must feel magical.
Any creature in the wild has this incredible gift of freedom. I think in these current days, I personally am feeling the loss of my freedom in the very centre of my being. We might have the security of a roof over our heads, and a place to call home, but we are constrained by boundaries even during normal times. These boundaries range from physical (not being allowed access to certain places or being able to get there) to self-imposed “ I’d love to go there but can’t because….” but also financial too – travelling to far off exotic places isn’t cheap, and for many can be the only reason they never get to experience different places.
But there is one way we can experience the true freedom that wild animals feel. We may not be able to have the same physical sensations of wind in our feathers or riding on a thermal as we glide through the air; but we can achieve this feeling through meditation. At any time we are free to close our eyes and take ourselves out of our immediate environment. We can envisage the sensations a bird might feel, as he soars effortlessly above the world and looks down at planet earth below him. Our human brain has this innate ability to be able to create a “reality” in our minds eye that can literally take us anywhere. Through our perceived senses we can re-create any scenario and make any experience something we can tap into. The only restriction is our own minds.
Meditation means different things to different people, but visualisation is a very powerful tool that we can use to find relief from the stress of daily life, and calm our internal rhythms so that we can function more efficiently. Its not only the mind that benefits from a powerful meditation, our entire physiology gets a break from being in “fight and flight” mode as we drift into “rest and digest” or the parasympathetic dominance of our central nervous system. This has a profound effect on our immune function, giving us the resilience we need to combat daily challenges.
We need to be able to experience true freedom, in order to be able to become more of who we are as individuals. The freedom we have in our minds is boundless and totally infinite. All you have to do is close your eyes and begin your journey……

Click here to try my guided meditation – “Free as a Bird”

I wish you Good Health, Clarity and Calm and most of all Love ❤

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True health comes from True happiness, and nothing brings us greater joy than love. Love is the great healer of all our ills. I write from my heart. Words i long to share....

4 thoughts on “Come Fly With Me…..”

  1. Thank you for your amazing uplifting yoga classes,I love them online and in person, you are such an inspiration . Thank you for sharing your love and energy Lorraine 💕🙏

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  2. Absolutely agree. Meditation is a great way to free yourself from physical boundaries but some find the thought of meditation hard. But meditation can take many forms. Breathing, visualisation, finding your ‘good’ or ‘safe’ place – or it may be doing a jigsaw, painting a picture, creating music or running – something that takes your mind away from the daily grind. It doesn’t have to be hard, difficult or even transcendental! So try it and see where you can fly to.


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