Yoga – How it Shapes You.

Yoga teaches us that there is much more to life than how we look on the outside, or how much flexibility, strength or stamina we can exhibit. It draws us away from ego-centred thinking, as we stop looking in the mirror or comparing ourselves to others as a way of measuring our success.

We learn to connect with how we feel in each asana, realising that our minds have the ultimate control of what our bodies can do. We can use our breath to help focus the mind on switching off contracted muscles, so that we are able to ease gently into deeper poses. We begin to feel exactly which part of our bodies we need to engage to give us stability and strength in each pose. We find that we are able to intuitively express our energy in the direction that givers our bodies both length and power.

These principles, when practiced regularly train our minds to connect to our bodies. We begin to really notice how we function and what it is our bodies really need. This reflects in our lifestyle as we start to make better choices about what we eat, how we conduct ourselves, and the environment we immerse ourselves in. The deeper we connect with The Self, the more respect we have for ourselves, and we are able to embody self-love.  We naturally start to live a life that honours our own well-being, as we get to know the beautiful person that lies within each of us.

Finally when we accept that we are important, and deserve to treat our physiological vessel with respect and love, we will begin to emanate that love outwardly. Kindness is an integral part of yoga, but to feel it from within, we must be able to practice self-love first.

Yoga isn’t the only path to self-love, but it is a beautiful discipline that when practiced regularly, totally and with the greatest integrity, it will bring great joy into your life, making you fitter, healthier, and stronger and more importantly it  fill your heart with love – the greatest healer of all time.

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True health comes from True happiness, and nothing brings us greater joy than love. Love is the great healer of all our ills. I write from my heart. Words i long to share....

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