About Lorraine


Lorraine Ereira was working as a clinical Sports Therapist when when her husbands cancer diagnosis drew her to study nutritional health. Her quest to help her husband inspired her to write “Love and Wheatgrass” in order to help others going through a similar ordeal, which has been a huge support to many.

Her desire to live a healthy lifestyle compelled her to study further, where she discovered that to really enjoy a healthy life, we must first look within to find out what we are made of and how we fit into the natural world around us.

Lorraine is currently writing her fifth book, “Gaia’s Gift – Intuitive Nutrition for the Body, Mind and Soul” – a book that embodies the ancient medical practice of Ayurveda but with a very unique approach which teaches the reader how to train their intuition to know instinctively what is good for them physically, spiritually and mentally.

Lorraine now works as an Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle consultant with people who struggle with various health issues, or those who want to change their life to become the best they can be.

Lorraine grew up in Surrey in England, where she also brought up her two sons. She holds a bachelors degree in Sports Therapy, and wrote one of her first books in this subject “Sports Pattern Release

Lorraine and her husband now live in southern Spain, where she continues on her quest to live a life of love, health and happiness.

Sharing an Experience with Someone You’ve Lost

How it maybe possible to reach through the veil and spend magical moments with those we miss

The loss of a loved one from our lives is most likely the most painful experience we encounter on our journey through this world. Our heart wrenches painfully when we recall them, because we simply miss them so very much. Even as the shock of them passing begins to fade slowly over time, their absence from your life never changes. You long to share things with them again: a meal; a dance; a walk along the beach. If only there was a way to bring them back to you, even for a moment, to be with them would be more than you could ask for.

What is it about them that you miss the most? Was it their smile? Their laugh? The silly jokes they told? Perhaps it was their voice or the way only they could understand you when no-one else could? All these things that made you love them so very much – they are the things you miss. Although their physical being was special too, it was their energy, their spirit, the essence that came from within them that you miss most of all.

What if there was a very simple way to recall that essence? To bring that energy that you miss so terribly back to you for a little while?

It happened to me, earlier this week. I decided to dig out my grannies recipe book. A book with brittle pages, discoloured with age, held together with brown paper and tape, but beautifully handwritten. My mum had given it me and it stayed with me through several house moves, as although I never looked at it, I treasured it. But until now I had no idea of the magic that was within those pages…

I turned them, one by one, with a feather light touch, so as not to damage them. The musty smell arose from between the pages, with the sense of the years that had passed by since it’s original author had last touched it. The front section was all her recipes with a few more from my mum added later. The back of the book contained patterns for making clothes. I turned back to the recipes and chose one I knew I had the ingredients to make.

As I began to measure the ingredients I tried to remember eating the biscuits as a child. I knew I would have eaten them a few times at least, because grannie was always cooking. She lived with us and was a very big part of my childhood. She looked after us when my mum worked, and I always remember her in the kitchen. Mum would come home and join her, and together they would create their particular blend of magic. But for some reason at that moment I couldn’t remember what the biscuits tasted like.

I mixed, folded, blended and kneaded the dough onto the floured surface, just as my grannie was instructing me to do. I’d never made these before and I needed her help. She was right there with me in the kitchen! My little, delicate boned; gentle grannie was by my side. Suddenly I could remember her hands turning out dough onto the kitchen surface, light and quick, she pressed it out, turning it a few times before reaching for her wooden rolling pin. Within minutes a thin, pastry lay waiting to be cut into even shapes and laid onto the buttered baking tray.

“Prick them all over with a fork”, wrote my grannie in her book all those years ago. As I followed her instruction a sudden flashback of thin, lightly baked biscuits with tiny fork patterns all over them, appeared as vividly as if they were there on the counter, and my mouth filled with the memory of their slightly chewy but crisp texture and buttery taste. I felt my grannie glow with pride that I had not simply remembered her biscuits but that I had managed to connect to her, so completely. I had recalled her vividly into my present moment, and we had enjoyed cooking her biscuits together – she was still able to teach me the wonderful things she had learned while she was inside a living body.

What I learned was not just how to make her lovely biscuits but that those we love and feel we have lost, never truly leave us at all. The onus isn’t on them to come us, but on us to really remember them. Not with sadness, and the heavy heart that comes with the feeling that they are not with us; but with joy as you realise that you only have to open your heart, and you will find them waiting to embrace you.

As I opened the oven door to take out my freshly baked biscuits, their sweet mouth watering aroma was followed by a vague waft of lavender perfume – as my grannie came to give them her final approval. ❤

The Human Race is Under Attack – Can we survive it?

The human race is under attack. We are being challenged from a force that has us believing it is so great that we are at its beck and call. We must live a certain way, we must have values that have been laid out for us by religions and governments, and sold to us via our media outlets.  Everyday those values seem to change. They become more outlandish, more bizarre by the day.

Let us take virtue for example. What does it signify? It is our integral qualities, our moral fibre, the assets that we each hold that keep us honourable and good.

It is compassion, empathy, benevolence and most of all love. But now we have a new virtue to add to this list, accept for many of us it doesn’t quite sit right. Doesn’t feel as though it fits into the jigsaw puzzle of our soul.

Fear, once considered a mere emotion is now an exemplified state of being. This collective wave of emotion, that is now engulfing us. We have been sold the concept that unless you are afraid and proud to exhibit your fear as part of your set of values, that you are unkind, selfish and a danger to the rest of the world.

I have spoken to many people who honestly feel that if someone comes too close to them who isn’t wearing a mask, that that person is threatening them, and not only them but their family too. The mask becomes like a badge of honour, and there seems to be a genuine fear towards those who do not exhibit an outward sign of the same fear of the virus. It is the same feeling towards those who feel they would not want a vaccine, that the unvaccinated are unkind, or uncaring, and endangering the lives of others.

It is only serving to drive yet another wedge between us. To make us not only argue about it on social media, but in real life when we should be engaging and connecting, we are being forced to stay apart, to disconnect through our fear. And if you do not feel the fear, because your belief system doesn’t fit the narrative then you become the offender. You face fines from authorities, and fear from those who would once smile at you and offer a greeting, because you have been painted as the “new criminal” on the street.

But who is the real attacker? Is it the young father on the street who is running and laughing with his children, enjoying the fresh air? Or the quiet lady in the supermarket who is doing her shopping? Ask yourself this question from a very quiet place within you. Do these people really mean you harm? Do they honestly pose a threat? If your fear rises when you ask yourself, then ask it to sit quietly for a moment and maybe ask yourself the same question as if it were just six months ago. Your perception of a normal human being has radically changed, overnight. Are you really just fine with that?

It seems to me that every new advancement in our current way of living is making our real enemy stronger while we get weaker. When we sit behind our computer screen, or behind the wheel of our car, we are alone. In our own little bubble. We may feel empowered by this – with something mechanical to control and express ourselves from within the confines of, but really we are disconnected. This isn’t power, its weakness.

We are being deliberately disconnected from each other. Our very values have been attacked, destroyed and reassembled into something new. Something that drives giant wedges between us. You only have to turn on any news source to see how politics it ripping the world into shreds. People spitting hatred at each other because of the things we now feel are a part of our integrity.

Division. It has effected every echelon of our society, every race, every gender, every age group – our elderly when they need their family most around them, even our children are being forced to stay apart from each other, when we know how social behaviour develops during our formative years.

We are under attack. Not from aliens. Not from a virus. Not from politics. Not from the Elite, The Cabal, the Deep State. Not from racism, sexism or communism.

We are being tested as a race, collectively. ALL of us. Not just as individuals, although the fight back must come from each of us. The threat is real, it is a collective challenge – is our race strong enough to come through it? Our real enemy is time. It’s no longer on our side, it’s against us. We must wake up from our isolation, our self imposed solitary lifestyles and our egos, and communicate, connect, come together again, and realise that we are all the same, no matter what we are being fed by our politicians, and leaders, and what we are being sold in the media. We are the same. We are all human. We all have a beating heart in our chest, that pumps oxygenated red blood through our veins. We breathe the same air and live under the same sun. We all live here on one beautiful planet, together, and the only way we are going to survive as a race is together.

Its time to wake up. Not to any theory, but this time to the truth. The truth that is unity. Re-connect. Find a way to look beyond your fears. Give love, to as many as you can every single day. You partner, your children, your siblings, your parents, your friends. Tell them how much they mean to you, even though you may have differing views. Our views should not disconnect us. Then step outside your door and give more love to people who pass by in the street, a smile (even with a mask on, make eye contact, and let them know you are smiling), to the shop assistant who serves you, to the dog who looks on expectantly hoping for a little affection.

Love is our weapon against division; against hatred; against fragmentation of family, of society. Lets get time back on our side, lets rise to the challenge of imposed division and show it that and that the human heart is strong enough to defeat it.

All we have to do is re-connect, while we still have time.

“United we stand; divided we fall”

The Gift

One fine afternoon, I was catching up with a very dear friend of mine over lunch. We were discussing some of the very many downfalls of the current world, which as always really tug at my heart.
My astute friend noticed and asked me to tell her about my book, knowing it would lift me to share with her. As I began to describe its content, my friend observed something instantly – there was a light in my eyes, a flame of passion that illuminated my being and shone from within me. I had become transformed in an instant as my emotion changed from fear based thinking to pure love.
Writing to me is literally a true love. I always feel as though I’m being the best version of myself when I’m sharing the messages of my heart. I’m pretty sure most musicians and artists feel the same way when they are creating a piece of work. They are giving you a message from their heart, and they want you to feel it in yours. You can hear the message in the words of some songs, conveyed by its melody, its pitch, its resonance, the lyrics and last but not least in the magical culmination of the instruments blended harmoniously with soul of the voice that delivers it. Every brush stroke an artist makes, every meal a good chef makes; every pirouette the ballerina twirls – all deliver a truly beautiful message.
When we cast our eye over an artists work, read a book, hear a song, enjoy a meal – perhaps just close your eyes a moment and ask yourself – “Does it feel as though it came from their heart?’ – because in my humble opinion the key to being successful in business, in relationships, and in all walks of life, is to put your heart into your creations. When you experience genuine candidness at the hand of someone’s creation, you feel it at a very different level – you feel it in your heart, as a gift. You may say, “that really touched me”, or perhaps you feel a huge swell of a certain emotion – this is what the person who created that wanted you to feel! You received their message loud and clear! It means that all their work, all the time put into that creation was worth it, because you really heard them.
But we don’t need to be artists or musicians to be able to give this gift – we all have the same ability. We, as humans have a very simple way to tune into this energy from people we surround ourselves with, and before long you begin to know who is speaking to you from their heart, and who is only paying you lip service.
Non-verbal communication. Something we need to use more than ever, when we are out because our ability to speak to one another has been compromised to varying extents for most people. The mandatory wearing of a mask in many shops, public transport and in all public places has reduced the ability to connect through speech for most people. Speaking through a muffled covering is really not particularly pleasant and can make it hard to communicate. Consider those living abroad who really on seeing people’s mouths formulate words to assist their comprehension? Or even worse- those who rely on lip reading to assist their hearing! Or just being able to “mouth” a message across a room to someone – our ability to connect to each other through engaging communication is more compromised than we perhaps realise.
The saddest thing is that no-one bothers to smile. They think you cannot see anyway, so they don’t bother. Back in the day, before masks were all the rage, I used to really enjoy smiling at people. Often me and my dog would stroll along the path and if I was lucky enough to receive eye contact, I would offer a smile, and I always made sure I felt it, from within me, like a light, so that it radiated out. I would honestly say that 90% of passers by, however glum they looked before, beamed right back at me. That lifted my heart, like I hoped I had lifted theirs. Only a fleeting instant, but maybe you just changed their day, or their faith in human nature at least for a moment.
This is now more challenging because for my own reasons I am not drawn to go anywhere I don’t need to go at the moment. This is of course a benefit to keeping numbers down in public, but I also feel heaviness in my heart to see everyone’s faces covered. I miss the smiles.
Perhaps now is a good time to learn from our Japanese friends who don’t look at the mouth when they are offered a smile – they focus on the eyes, much like my dear friend did who happens to be Japanese! This in actual fact makes so much sense because when we look at someone’s mouth we miss the real message, which can be seen in the eyes. Think about your photo smile – it’s a little like a mock telephone voice – it’s at best your front of house persona and at worst just fake. If your heart is not in, your eyes will show that.
With this in mind I try even harder to gain eye contact with people and make sure they know they are receiving a smile. I get many double takes, as they search for confirmation of what they think they saw, but mostly that’s closely followed by a crinkling in the corner of the eyes and a light that shines from within. It tells me that the human heart is still strong, and that despite what the world throws at us, we stand united through our hearts.
My message to you today is this: Don’t stop reaching out. Don’t stop connecting with your fellow humans. Through music, through art, through your creations, through your smile but always from your heart. Let the world know you mean it.

And last but not least don’t let the result of a virus be a fragmented society that forgot how to smile.

The Gift

You gave me a gift; a golden Gift

So willingly you gave it.

It was so pure, straight from your heart

A piece of you it did impart

That piece of you is now in me

Forever now I shall be free.

So when I do return your gift

You shall not be offended

For you shall see your gift to me

Inspired my gift to you!

“What was that gift?” I hear you ask,

“Be patient, I shall tell you

The gift you gave was so beguile

It was but just a simple smile”.

Lorraine Ereira

The Fires of Summer – Cooling from Within.

We are well and truly in the midst of the summer. The long days and balmy nights beckon us out into our gardens, terraces and entice us to spend time enjoying the warmer days and the temperate nights.

But for some of us, the summer sun can be tough on our systems. Although you love the summer days, and the energy that is abundant during these months, you find that you are seeking out the shady spots, turning your sweat beaded brow into any hint of a breeze or longing to immerse yourself in a cool shower – anything to give you some respite from the heat.

Why is it, that although you love the sun, you find yourself wilting like a weary flower under its force?

If the element of fire burns strongest in you, your physiology already has plenty of metabolic heat. You tend to be a passionate person, who is driven and motivated to push forward with ideas and projects. You have a competitive edge that drives you and an innate ability to focus on single objectives. However on the flip side, you can be hot-headed, stubborn and can find it hard to calm down. These are just some of the traits found in those with a strong fire element. Fire dominant types can also be prone to inflammation in the body, heartburn and headaches and other maladies related to an imbalance of heat in the system.

So how can we keep our internal inferno in check and make sure we enjoy the summer without overheating?

Adopting lifestyle practices especially during warmer months that increase the cooler elements within us, can help us to cool down from inside out. When we recognise the way we work and start to do things that work in support of our unique systems, we can enjoy the summer sun, without it compromising our energy or our health. If you know you are Pitta dominant, or you simply want some great ways to stay cool this summer, then try a few of these tips:

  1. Spend as much time outdoors as you can, enjoying nature in the mornings and evenings when its cooler
  2. Try to avoid stimulants such as strong coffee, excess alcohol or hot spicy food (cooler spices can help you stay cool!).
  3. Wear cooling colours like blue, white or lilac.
  4. Massage the body with oils like mint, rose or lavender in a base of cooling coconut oil.
  5. When it’s hot try to avoid strong exercise, and choose a less stimulating pursuit such as walking, swimming, yoga, fishing etc.
  6. Try to avoid conflict. For example if you know a topic of conversation makes you feel impassioned it maybe best to write about it in a journal to explore your feelings, rather than to engage in a debate with others which could easily take you from calm to vexed in a matter of moments. This gives you space for cool reflection, without allowing the fuel of a heated conversation to increase your emotions.
  7. Choose foods, which you know, make your stomach feel calm. Most fruits help to cool the system, and gently cooked vegetables will be easy to digest. Naturally sweeter food will have a cooling effect on the body such as fresh summer fruit, cooked rice, or sweet herbs like fennel or liquorice.

Here is a recipe for my favourite cooling summer soup. Served with a warm crusty home-made loaf, it will cool you down and treat those taste buds too! 

Cooling Summer Soup

1 cup of white butter beans

½ cup of pre-soaked almonds ( 6hrs)

1 cucumber – peeled and diced

generous sprig of fresh mint

½ cup of organic apple juice

Filtered water ( to desired consistency)

Place butter beans, cucumber and mint into blender.

Peel the soaked almonds and add to mix

Pour in apple juice and turn on the blender.

Slowly add water until you reach the consistency you desire.

Chia and Sesame whole-wheat loaf

3 cups whole-wheat flour

10 gms yeast

1 ¼ cups room temp (tepid) water

pinch salt

pinch sugar

For the topping:

Milk to glaze

1 tsp ( approx.) of chia seeds

1 tsp ( approx.) of sesame seeds.

Mix flour and salt in bowl. Sprinkle yeast into tepid water and stir. Leave for a few minutes to show a few tiny bubbles. Just before you begin to add to the flour, sprinkle a pinch of sugar to assist the yeast.

Slowly add the water mixing well to form a dough.

Knead very thoroughly – until the dough increases it elasticity.

Leave in a warm place until the dough rises to about double.

Place dough in a greased loaf dish.

Brush with milk and sprinkle with chia and sesame seeds

Bake in a warm oven at 180 for about 30 mins.

Wishing you good health, clarity and calm, and most of all love ❤

Are we discovering the “Meaning of Life”, through our evolution?

A simple search on Wikipedia tell us that evolution is “a biological process that makes living things change over a long time”.

For me, the word often conjures up the well-known image of the ape evolving into man, and then regressing as we get drawn into a computer dominated world.

Our ancestors were primitive beings with little compassion. Crowds gathered to watch crucifixions, hangings and public stonings with the same adrenaline fuelled passion that we find in today’s football stadium. So we can see just how far we have come from the barbaric beings we once were.

But what is it that makes human beings, especially when they become part of a gang or a crowd revert to the pack mentality that our ancestors so shamelessly displayed?  Are we perhaps so frustrated by the stress and the struggles of our daily lives that we are drawn to our most primal behaviour when we are together with other like-minded folk who equally need this type of outlet? Although we have come so far in the way we think and behave, there is still a trend towards violence as a form of entertainment. From horror movies and computer games to attending bull fighting or encouraging a pack of dogs to chase down and kill a fox (considered a cultured pursuit, by many), we still cannot seem to relinquish our connection to our savage past, however “civilised” we like to think we are.

There are still a horrific number of humans who think nothing of taking another’s most valuable asset – his life. Be it animal or man, unless our survival depends on it, we have no right to extinguish life force, but to gain any form of pleasure from it, is to the good people of this world unimaginable.

Although there are many studies of the criminal or depraved mind, maybe there is an element that is overlooked. Perhaps the minds of those who have no empathy are simply further behind in evolution – the primal, savage instincts are still very dominant in their psyche and their behaviour could be likened to that of an untamed beast. A beast will attack, toy with and kill any prey – he has no more empathy towards a small defenceless infant than he does to a much larger more challenging victim – they are both there for his entertainment; he will kill because he can. We expect this result if we throw a man in the lions den – because the lion is primal.  However we have come to expect that man has evolved enough to refine and hone his own conduct, and that we as humans have become inherently “civilised”.

I would like to believe that this is largely at least becoming true. There are so very many who feel vehemently against any violence as entertainment or sport. These people are often the same ones who find watching any living being suffering, abhorrent in a way that physically hurts. Even to watch a movie when the victim is an actor, is very hard and emotionally disturbing to these folk. Whether fantasy or reality these images often stay in their minds to haunt them for days or weeks afterwards.

However the growing number of people who feel empathy with other sentient beings, is a really positive sign. It shows us that our evolutionary journey is indeed progressing in the right direction. As we move away from the lower vibrational behaviour patterns of a mob mentality, or finding any type of suffering of another living being entertaining, we are collectively becoming a race that is much more heart centred. There is a very strong uprising of human beings who are compassionate, caring and kind. This growing number of people are watching their own ego’s diminish as their hearts become the king of their consciousness. They feel connected to the earth and every living thing, and because they feel that bond, they embrace all life as an extension of themselves. They rejoice in others happiness, and feel inspired by benevolence and goodwill. Material things become less important and the energy gained from releasing this attachment goes into relationships with friends, family and people they connect with.

Our evolution is about so much more than being bipeds, or developing an opposing digit so we can use our smart phones. We are here on this planet to learn. If we live only to serve our ego and exert control or worse to think we have the right to take the life of another, and possibly even gain some form of enjoyment from it, then we have learned nothing from our ancestors or the lessons our own lives have shown us.

We are ready as a collective to take the next step. The next giant step. Some have taken it, and are holding out their hands to support others on their path too. As this tidal wave of consciousness sweeps across the human psyche, we feel that we are coming home because we are finally understanding the real reason for our existence. 

I wish you good health, clarity and calm and most of all love ❤

Beautiful Colour.


What does this word mean to you? Does it conjure up a vivid display of primary colours, red, yellow and blue; or a rainbow of pastels arcing across a fresh bright sky? Or perhaps just your favourite colour enters your mind or a colour you are drawn to on that day. Whatever it says to you, one thing is for sure – the very word itself represents something of beauty.

And when we think of our skin, don’t we often associate this with beauty too? We think nothing of spending vast amounts on skin care products or having facials to enhance the beautiful skin we are in.

And that’s just it- it is only the skin we are in. As beautiful as it maybe our skin is merely a cloak, a protection for our physical body beneath. Its an organ, the largest one we have.  Its responsible for absorption, elimination, temperature regulation, pain and pressure perception. It is of crucial importance in our functioning as human beings – but that’s it. Apart from being a splendid cloak of which we should take very good care, and its function to us as an organ, it has no greater meaning.

What we are beneath this colourful cloak is purely down to us.

Imagine, for a moment if every one of us became colour blind (to each other’s skin). We could no longer see colour. How would we treat each other? We would base our opinions of each other on how we behaved, what we said and how we interacted with others, finally our blindness freeing us from our division?  Or would we then find another way to divide ourselves from our brothers and sisters? Would we want to categorise each other by hair type or eye colour?

Our ancestors didn’t know better. There has been abdominal treatment of many different races through our history, and every one of them who treated others, as lesser beings was wrong. To this day, anyone who judges his fellow human by the colour of his skin, has learned nothing from the heinous acts committed throughout history.

The only way to put an end to this, to stop dividing our race and to free ourselves from the labels our ancestors hung around our necks is to finally embrace each other and celebrate our existence together.

But its ok because we have evolved into more caring, kinder and more loving beings who no longer need to fight, argue and put other humans down. All the suffering that people have endured through time has taught us to love our brothers and sisters. It’s taught us to forgive, to move forward and to face the world side-by-side. Our evolution has made us more intelligent and more compassionate – so that we can now enjoy a truly colourful, diverse world where we are all every bit as unique and amazing as the next person.

Haven’t we?

A Recipe made with Love…

How often do you think to yourself, “what shall I cook tonight for dinner?” Does it present as a challenge more often than you’d’ like it to?

Perhaps a good way to do your meal planning is to ask yourself what the person or people you are cooking for want or need from this meal – not so much nutritionally but emotionally. Do you want to cook dinner for a friend who is feeling down? What type of food will offer them a hug from the inside? Often grounding foods, like root vegetables, perhaps mashed with lots of butter, offer comfort but still taste great and are good for us; or if someone’s feeling a little under the weather a good bone broth or a vegetable soup with home made bread will give them that nurtured feeling in their belly.

If you are entertaining during warmer weather then the food your offer your guests should be light and gently stimulating, because this is the atmosphere most likely to bring out the best in your social scene, and because you’ve considered the season too, your carefully cooked meal will not leave them feeling uncomfortable during the process of digestion. Heavy grounding food may make them sluggish or uncomfortable.  A fresh soup, followed by a fish and steamed vegetable course and finishing with a fruity meringue dessert would tantalize their palettes but keep the energy light.

A family lunch during the winter would warrant a cosy, heavier theme. A Sunday roast with warm peppery gravy poured over steaming vegetables and crispy roast potatoes will serve to strengthen the bond at any family table.

And how about when it is only for you? How are you feeling today? What do you need from your food? When you take just a few moments to discover what your body is asking for, you will quickly learn to see where you can find balance from the ingredients you put into your meals.

For example if you have been at work, and come home feeling tired and drained you may look for convenience such as a pizza because its too much effort to cook – but will this help to lift your energy or leave you feeling more tired? Although it may take a little effort, a few veggies sautéed and served on a bed of rice, will not only be better for us nutritionally, but it will also give us an energetic boost emotionally too.

It can seem like a chore as we search for ideas of what to cook every night, but thinking about what we are going to serve up to someone we love (including ourselves) could be much more of a pleasure, if we think about the people we are cooking for.

Did you ever visit your grannies house when she has baked your favourite cake? Nothing on earth tastes as good as that cake, or makes you love your granny more for making it.  But is it because she is an incredible cook – maybe she is but there is another reason that your grandma’s baking tastes like heaven. When she bakes it, she isn’t just making a cake. She’s making something just for you. She is pouring vast amounts of one simple ingredient into that cake, which makes it tastes like no other.  Love, is added as she heaps the flour into the bowl, then again as she blends the mixture together, and yet more as she pours it into the cake tin. As it bakes in the oven and the aroma permeates her house, you receive that ingredient as soon as you enter her home. It fills your nostrils as she envelopes you in her arms.

And when your grandma places a large slice on a fine china plate in front of you, with a steaming cup of tea, you know you are about to taste real love.

Love is the vital ingredient that can change the simplest of dishes into the most mouth-watering cuisine when you are cooking for people close to your heart. So next time you’re stuck for what to cook for dinner, try to think of what atmosphere you want to create through your cooking, add a generous serving of love, and you will have the makings of a delicious dinner that will stimulate the senses, tantalise the taste buds and make your friends and family feel loved and cherished.

Below is a recipe for delicious crumpets. Add as much extra love as you can ❤

English Crumpets

(Best served on a rainy Sunday afternoon, with English tea or rose petal tea)

450gms whole-wheat flour

600mls whole milk

10gms dried yeast

1 tsp salt

Butter or ghee to cook

Crumpet/egg rings see: https://www.amazon.com/crumpet-rings/s?k=crumpet+rings

  1. Very gently warm milk until it is room temperature or tepid.
  2. Mix dried ingredients, and then slowly pour the milk into the dried mixture, and fold. Whisk until batter is smooth and becomes a pouring consistency.
  3. Leave to rise for 1-2-hrs depending on room temperature.
  4. Once risen, heat a pan on the stove gently (on a scale of 1-9, we cook ours on 4), and place the rings inside the pan as it heats. Place a small knob of ghee inside each ring and allow it to coat the inside of the ring.
  5. Pour one ladle of batter into each ring and allow to cook gently until you can see it forming and bubbles begin to show. When the mixture is firm, gently slide the rings off, and turn the crumpets in the pan to brown the tops.
  6. Serve warm with lots of butter and local honey or homemade jam

If you don’t have rings you can make your own with tin foil.

Crumpets can be cooked in advance and popped in the toaster to warm before serving.

Wishing you good health, clarity and calm, and most of all love ❤

Are You on the Mozzie Menu?

Why do some people get bitten by mosquitoes than others? And why do some people react to the bites so much more strongly?
When we feel fear, anger, jealousy; when we eat spicy food, or drink alcohol it creates heat within us. Add some warm, humid weather to that and a few processed foods (which are also heat producing), and those mosquitoes can feel the draw of our internal fire a mile away! Ever tried taking a cold or cooling shower and noticed that for a while afterwards you don’t get bitten? That’s because you’re cooler! A cool shower is calming, as it cools us down emotionally too.
But that’s not all!….
Mozzies also love a wet environment too, when we perspire or have a lot of water in our bodies we also act like a mozzie magnet…now if you combine those factors – heat and moisture you have the perfect recipe for a mozzie feast!!
In Ayurveda fire dominant people are called Pitta types. People of a pitta constitution are hotter; they generate more heat, are passionate and firey by nature, and they feel the intensity of heat more deeply. The heat affects them more than anyone else – as opposed Vata dominant types who tolerate heat and even thrive in it!
And Kapha types are more moist, retaining more water in their tissues, and although they can be cool by nature, if they have Pitta traits in them too, then they will be moist and warm!!!
So my theory is – if you are Pitta and Kapha pre-dominant (especially if these elements are imbalanced– then you are a target! And those of you who are more air based (dry, cooler types, will be the ones the mozzies are not so attracted to)
What’s more your reaction to the bites may also be governed by your dominant elements. The more fire you have within the more inflamed your reaction will be, whereas those of you who are more watery may tend towards blisters or find that their bites don’t last as long.

Some tips to manage the warm watery elements ( if my theory is right – these may help!)
• Applying aloe based mosquito repellent with essential oils that cool you down such as – lavender or peppermint in a coconut oil base, might help too!
• Try sipping on mint tea, or cucumber and aloe juice to cool down from within.
• Avoid sweet or deep fried foods.
• Exfoliate your skin gently at least once a week; and take care (especially Kapha types) to stimulate the lymph system with yoga inversions, hot and cold showers and plenty of exercise.

For more information on your body type or issues that you have in relation to your dominant elements, please contact me!

Come Fly With Me…..

Today during our online yoga class, we focused on the element of air, and finished with a guided meditation centred on the experience of a bird in flight. During the class, we practiced one of my favourite asanas Koundinyasana or the Flying Splits – which always makes me feel as though I’m truly flying!

I often think that if I could come back as another creature, it would be a bird. To have the freedom to stretch your wings as far as you can and then to soar into the sky without limitations or restrictions, must feel magical.
Any creature in the wild has this incredible gift of freedom. I think in these current days, I personally am feeling the loss of my freedom in the very centre of my being. We might have the security of a roof over our heads, and a place to call home, but we are constrained by boundaries even during normal times. These boundaries range from physical (not being allowed access to certain places or being able to get there) to self-imposed “ I’d love to go there but can’t because….” but also financial too – travelling to far off exotic places isn’t cheap, and for many can be the only reason they never get to experience different places.
But there is one way we can experience the true freedom that wild animals feel. We may not be able to have the same physical sensations of wind in our feathers or riding on a thermal as we glide through the air; but we can achieve this feeling through meditation. At any time we are free to close our eyes and take ourselves out of our immediate environment. We can envisage the sensations a bird might feel, as he soars effortlessly above the world and looks down at planet earth below him. Our human brain has this innate ability to be able to create a “reality” in our minds eye that can literally take us anywhere. Through our perceived senses we can re-create any scenario and make any experience something we can tap into. The only restriction is our own minds.
Meditation means different things to different people, but visualisation is a very powerful tool that we can use to find relief from the stress of daily life, and calm our internal rhythms so that we can function more efficiently. Its not only the mind that benefits from a powerful meditation, our entire physiology gets a break from being in “fight and flight” mode as we drift into “rest and digest” or the parasympathetic dominance of our central nervous system. This has a profound effect on our immune function, giving us the resilience we need to combat daily challenges.
We need to be able to experience true freedom, in order to be able to become more of who we are as individuals. The freedom we have in our minds is boundless and totally infinite. All you have to do is close your eyes and begin your journey……

Click here to try my guided meditation – “Free as a Bird”

I wish you Good Health, Clarity and Calm and most of all Love ❤

What Are Antioxidants and Why Do We Need Them?

But free radicals are not all bad. In fact they can help the body to fight viruses, bacteria and toxins! For example, Leucocytes (white blood cells) produce free radicals to kill such pathogens. It is when free radical production outside of normal metabolic processes takes place that we suffer oxidative stress, for example, toxins, injury, infection, extreme sun exposure, stress, radiation, and excessive exercise.

Oxidative stress can harm the cells causing damage and cell death. When this happens we are exposed to premature ageing, inflammation and degenerative diseases such as cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and arteriosclerosis.

So, back to antioxidants…

The term antioxidant is really more of a chemical property, referring to its ability to act as an electron donor to free radicals. Each one has a unique chemical behavior and properties of their own. This means we need to make a range of them available to the body. Some of them are produced naturally in the body through the metabolism such as glutathione, ubiquinol, melatonin and uric acid, as part of normal metabolism, and others are found in the diet, the most well-known ones being Vitamins E, C and B-carotene.

However as we age even those normally produced by the body become diminished, and we become more vulnerable to disease.

Nonetheless taking antioxidants in large quantities from artificial means has not shown great success in clinical trials. Antioxidants should be taken in their natural form or produced by the body, for their best defense against disease.

An organic diet rich in fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, seeds and green tea will provide a rich natural source of powerful antioxidants that cannot be made by in the cells.